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By | July 6, 2020

Hello Guy’s, This is a very tough time for humanity to stay safe against Covid-19. Here we have to add here some useful content and product about an immunity booster for COVID patients to be safe.

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Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • In coronavirus, people are mainly affected by common illness and when it lasts for a long time it takes the form of the corona.
  • In this, the person sees problems like colds, Coughs, Fever, Running nose, Pain Durin Breathing
  • People whose immune system is weak. Which is weak from inside. It catches them.
  • Those who are already suffering from any disease, this disease is very much disturbing and most people


Note: – Only the person who has strong immune power can beat the corona. The rest is yet to produce any medicine for its treatment. Do one hour daily to strengthen the immune power. And consume as much diet as possible.



Following are the five steps of coronavirus

First stage: – In this phase, it spreads by coming in contact with an infected person of another country.

Second stage: – In this phase, the infected person is around him, relatives, and all whom he meets. And it stays closed. They are at risk of spreading this disease.

Third stage: – This phase is the most dangerous. By the time of this stage, the number of patients has also increased and it spreads rapidly. This disease goes to its peak (High Level). The spread of infected people is more talked to, selected by infected people.

Fourth stage: – By this stage, the number of infected starts working. Or the person dies or survives with the help of their strong immune system.

Fifth stage: – By this stage, almost infected persons are cured

Measures to Avoid Coronavirus

  • Avoid contact with an infected person with the coronavirus.
  • Avoid visiting crowded places.
  • There is no need to shake hands with anyone, you can do hello.
  • Try to wash hands frequently with soap or even after getting clean
  • Do not touch your nose or eyes or mouth frequently, and if touched, wash hands quickly.
  • Avoid false rumors, follow the instructions of the government. Every morning before sunrise or at sunrise, clean yoga
  • Do business to work base hour
  • Take the proper amount of clean food,
  • In the current season, Normally fever occurs every day. To avoid this, keep a balance between cold and hot.
  • Avoid cold even in the event of heat, and clothes should be kept appropriate.
  • In order to enhance your immune system, every morning and evening, make a hard kavan of Singharharki Patti, Tulsi, Tejpatta, Marich, Raw Hardy,


Best Food to Boost Immune System

  1. Turmeric
  2. Broccoli
  3. Oily Fish
  4. Sweet Potatoes
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